Hummer 2.0 – The Ultimate BJ Machine

(6 customer reviews)


With a mind blowing top speed of 180 RPMs and 180 suction impulses per minute – this hands free, sucking, stroking, BJ machine will leave you breathless and quite possibly speechless.

Operating the 9 gears isn’t for the faint of heart. 1st gear gets you into 6 different speeds that allows you to take full control – from slow to go. Call it stamina training for those intercourse moments. 1st gear will help you increase your sexual stamina, enhance performance and intensify those orgasms. 2nd thru 9th gear is simulation time and all about oral action. 8 fully-automatic suction modes with 4 min sessions and unpredictable patterns will give you a completely random, realistic BJ every single time. And it doesn’t stop there – you like the mode, dial in the speed you crave. Don’t even get me started about the 6.5 inch deep textured sleeve – it vibrates on its own with a press of a button. Call it a little something extra from us to you – a detachable vibrating stroker. Use it with or without the BJ machine. Now it’s time leave the past behind and get down with your bad self!

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  • 180 suction impulses per minute
  • Mind blowing top speed 180 RPMs
  • Manual mode with 6 speed levels
  • 8 fully-automatic suction modes with 4 min sessions and unpredictable patterns
  • 5” deep textured sleeve with 10 vibration modes
  • Deep stimulation for stamina training
  • Use sleeve with or without BJ machine – detachable vibrating stroker
  • Sleek remote control
  • Easy cleaning


Length of sleeve: 20.6 cm

Sleeve insertable length: 15.4

Diameter of sleeve: 2.6cm

Main unit: 21cm x 8.1cm x 13cm

Hummer 2.0 – The Ultimate BJ Machine

(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for Hummer 2.0 – The Ultimate BJ Machine

  1. Mr Good Times

    This machine works. Make sure you have some quiet time and use lots of lube. I use the Adam & Eve lube, and I add a little water to make it last a little longer (20% water to lube ratio). It takes a few mins to setup but once you learn that the clear stoker comes out of the window in the sleeve, it gets easier to clean. Cleaning the inside is a chore, I had to buy a special sponge for cleaning glasses to use with mine. you can’t turn it inside out and wash it normally. So cleanup takes longer than the setup.

    My first time with it I was excited and didn’t prep very well, I was semi hard and I was a little worried about the noise. So I would have given it a 4 on 1-10. I tried it again a couple days later and I was better prepared and It was much better. I would give it a 8/10. The clear stoker is pretty thick and the passage is a little tight for me. Afterwards I had little red “teeth” marks because the fit was so tight. The remote is more of a gimmick because you end up with the base unit near you anyhow due to hose length and trying to keep it uncoiled.

    The “modes” only last for a handful of minuets and out of the 6 I really liked number 4. In the end I just went to default setting at the highest speed to get done. The vibration part on mine came defective, I’m waiting for a new one, but other reviews say it’s a beast for vibration. When I get it I’ll edit my review here if I can (or make a new post.)

    The price is a bit much, I’d like a second stoker with this unit that had ridges instead of teeth, and make it a little bigger.

  2. Michael

    Highly recommended! Has quickly become my favorite. Pulls awesomely on the foreskin when you stroke at just the right rhythm so that an upstroke cycle is at the same time as a machine suction cycle. Also great when used hands free.
    My recommendations for improvement:
    1.) Add some sort of micro adjustment to the blow/suck amounts in order to maintain good suction …it currently tends to ‘blow’ very slightly more than ‘suck’, requiring periodic need to purge air at the tip.
    2.) I don’t keep the sleeve cover on….it makes it difficult to reinsert the air tube after purging excess air at the tip, and the vibrator bullet is a bit loud. I actually prefer it without the sleeve cover on. I’d much rather have another sleeve(s) with different textures (my vote would be for a texture of deep circular folds to pierce through)

  3. Certified Freak

    I’ve paid $500 for a Vegas BJ that was not this good. It’s insulting to even compare this apparatus to a BJ. This will cause you to give up pussy. Be thankful Vedo did not price this higher.

  4. Rachel Asimaz

    Made me cum…A LOT! 5

  5. MiChMa

    All I have to say is that this TOY is worth every last bit of $399.95 that Vedo is requesting for this toy…. I LOVE to EDGE myself for hours on end and find that this toy is exactly what I’ve been missing… I find myself putting this on my dick in the middle of my work day (100% Remote) just because It feels that good and takes the edge off and makes my workday that much more enjoyable… My partner initially would get annoyed and jealous because I would constantly want to play with this toy… He wasn’t someone who had ever used any type of Toy in the bedroom. I had him just try it out 1X, and after it made him cum (I haven’t even cum using this Toy) he looked at me and told me he understood why I wanted to play with it ALL the time.

  6. Goon Goblin

    The Bad:
    – clean up and setup are a pain. Not surprising since it isn’t just a silicone sleeve, but unless you plan to sit down and really get one off, it can be inconvenient for quickies.
    – the “fleshlight” portion of the stroker is pretty basic. Just a bunch of nubs. Would have preferred either a more realistic inner mold, or some way to add 3rd-party sleeves. I plan to jerry-rig a really good one I purchased and see if it can work here. I may ascend after doing it.
    – The tubes it comes with are way too short, and way too stiff. Would also recommend getting appropriate replacements. It has a remote control, but you have to be so close to the thing that it is nearly pointless.
    – it is loud. If you don’t live alone, or need to stroke quietly, then this isn’t for you. With the thing on just half-blast, without the vibrator, it can be heard from several rooms away in your average apartment. The first and second speeds are fairly quiet, but not enough for me to get off at the least.
    – Needs alot of lube. Quite a bit more than you’d probably guess.

    The Good:
    – Feels phenomenal. I’ve been in alot of mouths. This is better than 80% of them, easy. I’m not an electrician, but if I could I’d prolly have this thing for long car rides too.
    – Good depth. I am not a horse, but most toys don’t give me enough wiggle room. This has a good depth, and the whole sleeve is in action at all times, so no part of you feels left out.
    – the vibrating sleeve. GOT DAM. it is potent. Would even say it is a necessity in my opinion.

    What I want for christmas:
    – Can we get some attachments or premium upgrades even? An attachment that fits the balls, or alternatively textured inner sleeves would be amazing.
    – Longer/more flexible tubing.

    If you have the cash to burn, and don’t mind the inconveniences, get it. This is a really, really good product. I’ve used some other automatic toys like the Autoblow 2 and a fuck machine with a fleshlight attachment. Nothing comes anywhere near this thing’s capabilities. I be bustin hard with this.

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