VēDO Hummer Automatic Suction Masturbator

(7 customer reviews)


HUMMER has transformed the everyday BJ. This fully automatic super powerful suction masturbator boasts up to 109 suction impulses per minute. Whether you like it slow and easy or fast and furious, you determine the hummer you want with 5 intensity levels and 5 speeds. That’s a mind-blowing 25 ways to have your best BJ. The soft, stretchy and glow-in-the dark feature of the inner sleeve with integrated pleasure ring gives all sleeves a run for their money. With our hand free technology, all you have to do is sit back, pick your perfect suction impulse with a touch of a button on the sleek remote – and you’re in business my man!  And don’t ever worry about your perfect BJ ever cutting out on you at the most inopportune time, it’s plug and play baby – never needs a charge. Get down with your bad self.

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  • automatic super powerful suction
  • 109 suction impulses per minute
  • 5 intensity levels and 5 speeds
  • 25 ways to have your best BJ
  • glow-in-the dark inner sleeve
  • sleek remote control
  • easy cleaning
  • hand free BJ



Length of sleeve: 16.5cm

Diameter of sleeve: 2.6cm

Main unit: 21cm x 8.1cm x 13cm

VēDO Hummer Automatic Suction Masturbator

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for VēDO Hummer Automatic Suction Masturbator

  1. Rich

    Oh man this thing is amazing. Just make sure you use a lot of water base lube with it and you will be happy. Have been able to suck myself hard multiple times while edging and have had some of the most mind blowing orgasms ever.

  2. Lance

    Gets the job done that’s for sure. I do wish they made different sleeves. Like an asshole shaped one that is tighter.

  3. Chris

    Far and away the best men’s adult BJ machine on the market! I literally found this accidentally online about 11months ago on a youtube infomercial type video of all places – go figure right? Intrigued, I said to my wife, why are all the best toys made for women and nothing for men? The same old boring hand held strokers over and over. Well wonder no more! We purchased this from a local sex positive store online and it arrived quickly. The design is well made and easy to use. Agree with the other 2 comments above. That said, there is 1 newer sleeve out that is textured inside. You now have the option to switch it up as I have both. It requires a lot more (use water base only) lube though than the smoother one because it is much tighter. Having more sleeve options as they become available is always great. Why do I say it’s the best? Simple, it is hands free for starters. Secondly, a simple remote control. Thirdly, it is not very loud (a small air pump sound emits) that is strong without being annoying. Lastly, playing around w/ the settlings, you can find a different sweet spot everytime to edge + it is very easy to clean when your done. I am a happily married man, w/ a great intimate life. Sometimes you just want some solo “me time” or take it along for business travel. While it doesn’t ever replace the real thing from your lover, it is certainly something totally different unlike anything you have ever tried. I have since tossed all my other random items out like a Fleshlight or Tenga type sleeves and will never look back. I have used it for a close to a year now and have had zero issues. I see they have a new 2.0 out – imagine it’s even better than the 1st design! Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  4. Mark


  5. Father Jesus

    Best on the market. I let it suck on Me for hours. Feels so good. Can’t wait for more sleeves either.

  6. Jonathan Vance

    purchased it from Adam And Eve, Certainly better than the $160 garbage Paperweight they call the Autoblow! It feels amazing! definitely worth the money!

  7. Glenn Riale Jr.

    It sucks 😉

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